Best 7 Dental Clinics in Abu Hamour

Dental care and attention is indispensable, so many clinics and various health and medical centers are interested in providing all kinds of medical support to dental patients. In this article, we will talk in detail about the most important of these clinics and medical centers specialized in oral and dental medicine in Abu Hamour.

Green Health Dental Clinic

Green Health Dental Clinic is the most trusted dental center in Doha, Qatar and the center is engineered, meticulously arranged and equipped with the latest services comparable to international standards.
It is considered one of the most modern centers specialized in medicine, cosmetology, implants and orthodontics, as it relies on the latest international materials and techniques to ensure the quality of all treatments. The complex works under the supervision of a selection of consultants and specialists in all specialties in dentistry, who have high qualifications and long experience in the same field, as well as dealing with special methods with Diabetics and hypertension patients are safe, and the complex includes an integrated dental lab It contains modern and advanced devices using the latest technologies in dentistry using the best materials to make all types of fixtures and works under the supervision of specialists and technicians with long experience and high efficiency.

Green Health Dental Clinic is a Multi-Specialty Clinic that fuses a mix of Dentistry, Artistry, and Science to furnish you with the best dental consideration that improves the personal satisfaction with the most extreme consideration and solace. We help you smile with confidence. Professional excellence and individual respect is our unqualified obligation to each person looking for dental consideration.

Green Health Dental Clinic keeps a green, sound and eco-accommodating climate, and is situated at the most serene and advantageous area in Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar with abundant parking spot.
At Green Health Dental Clinic patient safety is of prime importance. Clinic operates under strict infection control protocol. In addition members of the team regularly attend workshops on sterilization to be determined and to be updated with latest guidelines and techniques.

Radiology department is equipped with the high quality modern digital devices, with our thought of being digital means the radiation dose is negligible and the images can be obtained within seconds. The special softwares installed help to obtain a lot of information ensuring precise planning and effective treatment.

Green Health Dental Clinic has a team of enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated Doctors, Nurses, Receptionists and Support Staff. The team provides the simplest and best treatment so as to make patients experience painless, comfortable and affordable. Whole team is committed to providing high quality dental care in a safe, clean and most comfortable environment.

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Al Wehda Dental Center

 Al Wehda Dental and Dermatology Medical Center is a medical complex that provides dental services such as (extraction, surgery, hygiene, nerve fillings, beautification, fixtures, Hollywood smile, orthodontics) and dermatology and laser services (beard shaping for men, cosmetic services, Botox, fillers, facial hygiene) And other cosmetic services.

Al Wehda Dental Center works to provide the highest standards of efficiency in the level of medical and cosmetic care.

Distinguished in providing the best services, Al Wahda Medical Center includes many distinct departments by providing the best medical services, which include plastic surgery, skin and plastic surgery, hair transplantation, laser treatment, laser hair removal, nutrition and obesity and thinness treatment, in addition to dental and cosmetic dentistry clinics.

 Al Wehda Medical Center considers beauty as its main mission. That is why it provides you with the latest dental and skin cosmetic devices in its dental and skin clinic, which is staffed by a group of the most skilled doctors trained on the latest technologies to give women a wonderful smile, fresh skin and more youth.

The vision of  Al Wehda Medical Center is to reach the top in the cosmetic world in the Kingdom and abroad, by using the best doctors and the latest cosmetic technology in dentistry and dermatology and following up on the latest updates and developments to maintain the position it deserves.

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Al Shami Medical Center

Al Shami Medical Center is equipped to become a developed medical edifice that provides the best care at the latest levels under the supervision of a group of doctors and consultants specialized in all fields using the latest equipment and advanced technologies.

Al Shami Medical Center offers many medical services through highly professional doctors with long experience

Equipped with most modern equipment along with highly qualified medical professionals, Al Shami Medical Center is committed to providing international standards of healthcare to meet the needs and exceed all expectations of the Qatari people.
Al-Shami Medical Center is also equipped with the latest technologies and devices used globally to ensure that patients receive the best levels of comfort, in addition to following sterilization and occupational safety procedures.

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Teba Specialized Dental Center

Teba Specialized Dental Center includes a team of dentists who hold postgraduate degrees in all areas of specialization and have the knowledge ability, competence and experience, and are well-known in their fields who have obtained postgraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in their fields of specialization from prominent institutions, both at home and abroad.

The center covers most of the dental subspecialties and we always strive to come up with the optimal treatment plan, our specialists discuss your treatment plan comprehensively and collaborate as a multidisciplinary team in the most difficult cases, before clearly and fully explaining your case and treatment protocol.

Teba Specialized Dental Center is also equipped with the latest technologies and devices used globally to ensure that patients receive the best levels of comfort, in addition to following sterilization and occupational safety procedures.

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Madina Dental Center - Abu Hamour

Madina Dental Center was established in January 2002. Our aim and goal was not only to meet the increasing health needs of the local community, but to provide a superior dental service and care, and make sure that the community is provided with the highest quality of treatment available.

The center started with a three clinics branch and now has four  branches and over twenty five specialists and dentists; Al-Saad Branch, Al-Luqta Branch, Aspire Branch and Abu Hamour Branch.<o*p>

Madina dental center have  four branch ( Al-Saad , Al laqtta , Aspire and Abu Hamour) in Doha Since 2002 and with 25 fully equipped clinic and 25 dentists which more than 10 of them are specialists  ,Our Dentists are well educated,  have a very good expertise and are capable of delivering beautiful smile to those who need it. In addition they are  welcoming,  have a lot of patience and compassionate about their profession.

The centers are well-equipped top of  the art dental Units, a 3D Xray Machines (latest in dental radiology technology), an Up-to-date laser devices; in addition to a fully equipped sterilization rooms. The aim is to provide up to date and state of the Art treatment  choice to your insured patients.

By combining the latest technology, professionalism and the most important dental specialists since 2002, Madina dental Center strives to provide its clients with the highest levels of dental care and oral health under the supervision of regionally and internationally renowned doctors.

While excellent service and providing customers with everlasting solutions are his primary concerns, patient safety and satisfaction are his priorities with the aim of establishing a long-term relationship with our customers based on trust and continuity.

Madina dental Center vision is to provide a preventive dental treatment and oral health routine, helping patients avoid future pain and fixing the problem even before it occurs.

Madina dental Center specializes in dentistry, committed to providing a high quality service to promote and maintain oral health.

Madina dental Center is characterized by a team of doctors and specialists who have dedicated themselves to providing the best medical care, and the highest level of dental services. The center, with its four branches, contains specialized high-level clinics for most of the contemporary dental specialties, equipped with modern and advanced technologies to provide the best.
In order to cover all family members, a special dental clinic for women and children has been allocated upon request, supervised by experienced dentists

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Sama Medical Care

Since its establishment, in 2016, Sama Medical Care Medical Center has been providing high quality healthcare services.
Providing a relaxed and calm atmosphere, the center believes that it is an essential factor, along with the professionalism of the doctors, to make our patients feel better today and healthier in the future.

Sama Medical Care is characterized by providing exceptional care, compassion and personalized attention by a dedicated staff of distinguished doctors and fully trained nurses, under the roof of a calm environment characterized by elite services, modern diagnostics, treatment techniques and imaging equipment

Sama Medical Care is a care and healing with a touch of luxury, committed to providing high quality health care in a calm atmosphere.

The center's goal is to make our patients today better and healthier tomorrow.
Exceptional, compassionate care and personal attention from its doctors, nurses and staff are dedicated to providing high quality medical care with dedication to improve the well-being and enrich the lives of those they serve.

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Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic

Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic is an integrated medical complex that was founded by Dr. Muhammad Amin Zbeeb in 1991 and was keen to meet all needs with the best equipment and the most efficient doctors to serve all patients and we always strive for progress and development.

Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic aims to raise the level of quality to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in providing medical services along with world-class medical specialists, advanced diagnostic equipment and superior healthcare services. Dr. Mohamed Amin Zbeeb Clinic also provides a very comfortable atmosphere, full of warmth and attention to help speed recovery

Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic is equipped with the best and latest facilities in treatment, equipment and diagnosis with a team of renowned specialists and medical personnel in Qatar.
Dr. Mohamad Amine Zbeib Polyclinic has also helped thousands of patients recover.

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